Someone's Morning

Robert Okaji

Image of

Robert Okaji

Reverses course, turns
dark even as the sun
shrugs through clouds.

Her phone remains silent.

And the dogs,
feeling vast
in the hour before,
slink under the bed

as the moment
slips through her,
dislodging some

fragments, hollowing
others, leaving behind
the residue

of a thousand what ifs,
and more questions
than can be posed
or denied.

Robert Okaji lives in Indiana. His work has appeared in Only Poems, Big Windows Review, Midwest Zen, Wildness and elsewhere.
Boundaries and Bridges is a collection by incarcerated and unconfined writers from across the U.S. that explores connection and disconnection related to the justice system. This collection is supported by The Learning Inside Out Network (LION), an Alaska-based grassroots group that increases access to quality participation in artistic exchanges for people inside and out of the carceral system.

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